To the last detail.


We believe quality is found in the accumulation of countless acts of thoughtfulness. Okamura office furniture radiates a sense of comfort and beauty because it is made with a devotion to the nuances of customer needs.

Observing customers as they work, choosing the optimal materials, ensuring the exactness of small parts, carrying out thousands of hours’ worth of tests, enthusiastically interacting with customers at showrooms and supporting them in the after-sales stage…

To some, these are just trivial concerns. But we know better. Our appreciation for the little things is what enables us to please our customers with superior quality.

We are moved by distinctly Japanese values that tell us to prioritize the needs of others while paying respect to the environment. Originally makers of ultra-precision aircraft and automobile parts, we have inherited the meticulous Okamura eye for craftsmanship. This long history of culture and provenance stretches behind us, informing our present and our future.

Our products and experiences are created with an extraordinary level of sensitivity and precision. We go to the last detail to ensure our customers experience the quiet amazement of Okamura quality.

From Okamura to the world.

To the last detail.



In this rapidly shifting world of work, what defines truly great office furniture?

Conventional thinking doesn’t necessarily offer a convincing answer here, so we start our investigations with a careful observation of how people and their environments relate. We pose questions such as, how does the alignment of a spine or the angle of a lower back affect a person’s ability to concentrate? What is the optimal spacing between workers in an office relaxation area? These are crucial points to consider, but we don’t limit our analysis to ergonomics alone.

Our uniquely Japanese sensitivity to the needs of others is the wellspring of our creativity. It shows us the power of observation. Tuning ourselves to the user’s frequency, we watch with a keen eye to discover what’s really in their mind. By gleaning little clues, we can identify the forms and functions that will meet the requirements of future workplaces.


We don’t talk, we listen.

Within every customer, there is a loud voice and a quiet voice. Their loud voice speaks up and states opinions, while their quiet voice can sometimes go unheard. At Okamura, we always strain ourselves to connect with that quiet voice too.

From casual showroom conversations to quick back-and-forth emails, our ears are constantly listening out for a customer’s quiet voice even if it is inaudible to the customer themselves. By doing so, we uncover pain-points and preferences, sharpen our ideas, and ultimately design furniture that delights workers.


New discoveries are made when distinct approaches and values interact. Historically, Japan was a country that studied the customs and values of other countries, borrowing here and there as it developed the unique concepts and techniques that define its culture. We at Okamura have inherited this Japanese mindset, often adjusting ourselves as we engage with others.

We see dialogue across diverse domains as a vital part of our job. By consulting with our in-house designers, marketers and salespeople, collaborating with vibrant independent creators, and working closely with all our customers, we gain a wide variety of fresh perspectives that provide the seeds for new ideas.


There’s something we value more than eye-catching originality. For us, office furniture must be made to exist in harmony with people, society and the planet. By simultaneously discerning details on a micro level while seeing the bigger picture on a macro level, we enrich our capacity for imagination.

What makes a piece of furniture simultaneously striking yet perfectly integrated with its surroundings? What materials offer both excellent performance and sustainability credentials? We must think in twos: Humans and planet. Objects and spaces. Past and future. We will continue to fuse such double perspectives in our furniture design.



There’s no fixed way to create. By constantly keeping our eyes open, thinking deeply, and experimenting freely, we have been able to evolve in a manner that other brands have not. In a world where future predictions are often unreliable, our Okamura approach to creation has clear advantages.

In the long history of our world, all living things have only survived when they evolved and adapted to their environments. To flourish and find new knowledge, we must take on daring challenges and walk unfamiliar terrain. We will face the future by continuously questioning our own assumptions and tweaking our approaches.


Our meticulous craftsmen work alongside precision machines and every product we create is a manifestation of our devotion to details. From the smoothness of the seam joints to the durability of the internal components, the superior quality of our work reveals itself in places often ignored by other brands.

Our Okamura Industrial Standards, which are based on Japanese and international requirements, are testament to our dedication as makers. From the prototyping stage onwards, we put our items through rigorous safety testing and subject even the smallest components to durability analyses.

The spirit of traditional Japanese craftsmanship animates our present-day production team. In establishing our unique Okamura Industrial Standards, we affirm a commitment to holding ourselves accountable.


Our pursuit of quality knows no bounds. Naturally, we utilize the latest technology as part of our quality control processes, but it is the human element that sets us apart.

We ensure to carry out painstaking quality checks with our hands and our eyes. Think of a pipe bent by an equipment malfunction being inspected with manual tools, or chair components being examined by wise hands during assembly.

An obsession with absolute accuracy is encoded in Okamura DNA. Our provenance is in the manufacturing of ultra-precision aircraft and automobile parts where even the tiniest measurement error could have disastrous results for a human life. Driven by this same uncompromising approach, we continue to impress customers with our Okamura production quality.



Our unwavering commitment to quality-in-the-details applies not just to our products but also to the people we deal with.

Excellent communication with all our stakeholders is paramount. We show that we care by identifying our customers’ subconscious workspace frustrations, offering an attentive service at our showrooms, and packaging/transporting our products with caution.

Time-honored Japanese business culture shows us that we must have a capacity to “understand before words”. We believe that great customer service is found in the accumulation of seemingly small acts of thoughtfulness.


Our job does not end when a product arrives at its destination.

Is it easy to use? Are there any defects? Do you have any additional requirements? Our after-sales service is not an afterthought; it is an extension of our craftsmanship. We listen carefully to every piece of feedback and offer our precision maintenance as needed.

From our designers and engineers to our pre- and post-sales staff, everyone at Okamura is committed to you the customer. We will accompany you and your company on its journey.


Observing, Listening, Discussing, Visualizing, Exploring, Crafting, Polishing, Caring, Supporting.

Since 1945, we have worked with these clear values in mind and our ultimate mission has always been to please each of our global customers. When everything clicks into place, you will feel quiet amazement. Rather than a single-use emotion, it is a sense of gratitude that deepens with all you experience and all you learn.

You will see the modest magnificence of Okamura when you realize just how much thought lies behind every single detail.