Weightless beauty. Effortless support.

Experience the impossible lightness and effortless support of Cynara,
a task chair that integrates intuitive, responsive functionality with a clean-cut,
refined aesthetic to complete any work setting.

The Stories
Designer: Andreas Krob /
Engineer: Joachim Brüske

Meet the design team
Cynara is the result of a three-year partnership, between the Okamura team, Andreas Krob of Swiss design agency b4K and Joachim Brüske. A product and industrial designer, Krob is renowned for attention to detail, workmanship and a holistic approach to design. Brüske’s meticulous engineering has ensured that the functionality of Cynara is simpler and more effective than ever. With their combined seating expertise, the pair have created a chair that offers superior lightness.
Inspiration for Design
In designing Cynara, Andreas and Joachim employed minimalistic styling, to create a chair that would fit with a range of interior and personal styles. After all, a chair is not the central player at work; people are. With work styles continuing to change rapidly, people are increasingly mobile. Furniture should be adaptable, and adjustments should be simple.This insight heralded a new spring system that adjusts tension to responsively support a broad range of body types.Through the three-year-long development process, Cynara was inspired by the yumi, a Japanese bow, which draws power from its distinctive arc form. Cynara’s gently curved frame echoes the strength and flexibility of the yumi, cradling the seat, to support movement and provide comfort. Okamura made the beautiful design idea a reality, with less weight, thereby reducing CO2 emissions through production and logistics. Cynara is an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing task chair, with deep consideration given to ergonomics and sustainability.


Impossibly light. Effortless support. in the air. 
Form follows functionThe soft angular lines of Cynara’s frame
functionally provide flexion that supports
the healthy, natural S-curvature of the spine in motion.
Aesthetics and functionality are integrated into a simple design.
Quality workmanshipThe frame and mesh on the seat and back are seamlessly
integrated to accentuate the chair’s simple beauty.
Subtle sophisticationHollow wheel casters enhance the product’s sense of lightness
and visually connect the chair with its surroundings.
Meticulous detailTwo different colored yarns are interwoven
to create
a sophisticated, textured, translucent mesh.
Impossibly light. Effortless support. in the air. 



Smart ankle tilt reclining
Okamura has scrutinized and refined the conventional mechanism and operation system, to enhance natural comfort and relaxation. The result, Smart ankle tilt reclining optimizes recline tension for each user and has achieved the most simple and intuitive operation system possible.  By upgrading our proprietary ankle tilt reclining system, we have achieved the ultimate in comfortable seating. 
Highly resolved,
light-scale solution
Cynara’s superior lightness presents multi-faceted advantages in operations, sustainability and aesthetics.
[Product weight: 9kg(20lbs)]
Free recline or upright lock
The lever under Cynara’s left side invites you to control the back position. Choose upright lock or recline freely, by up to 12 degrees.
Height adjustment
Adjust the seat height by up to 110mm (4 5/16”) to achieve the perfect fit, via the easy-to-reach lever under Cynara’s right side.


Okamura sought to create the lightest possible task chair for
the twin benefits of reduced CO2 emissions and easy handling.
When compared with our standard products, Cynara’s 50%
reduction in weight translates to an impressive 35%
reduction in CO2 emissions. Cynara successfully combines beauty,
ergonomics and sustainability. 


Body & Base Colors
Standard Color: Black, White, Dark Grey
Accent Color: Sage, Dark Green, Orange Red
Armrest Types
With Armrest
Without Armrest
Caster Types
Normal Caster
Hollow Caster (Soft)
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If you are interested in, or have any questions about CYNARA, please contact us.
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Brochure PDF