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Okamura Seating textile by Kvadrat

Okamura and Kvadrat were united by a shared quest to create the highest quality and beautiful designs. Together we will continue to make work environments more creative and pleasing, by elevating the seating to the level of an exquisite, yet hardworking piece of art.

plimode / Remix2 852
Kvadrat textiles


Kvadrat’s quality promise :
Kvadrat is Europe’s leading manufacturer of design textiles. We create high quality contemporary textiles and textile-related products for private and public spaces.
Okamura quality promise :
Our Japanese manufacturing plants pair state-of-the-art technology with the experience of skilled craftsmen. We enforce strict testing throughout the production process to ensure the quality we have promised to our customers since our founding in 1945.
Choral / Umami3 743

Sylphy / Steelcut Trio3 515


Kvadrat’s quality promise :
Kvadrat’s designs reflect their dedication to pushing the aesthetic, technological and artistic boundaries of their field and are characterised by: simplicity, colour and innovation. In their ambition to innovate Kvadrat works frequently with leading designers, architects and artists.
Okamura design philosophy :
We meet the evolving needs of our customers by improving and applying ergonomic design principals and creating environments that enhance creativity. Not only are our products designed to be beautiful, but also to provide enhanced functionality, safety, durability and reliability. Our product development vision has garnered abundant respect as reflected in our excellent global reputation and numerous awards.
Kvadrat textiles
repiroue / Steelcut Trio3 533

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