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Creating Workplaces
In offices where workers carry out diverse tasks, it is best if individuals can freely choose the environment optimally suited to their particular needs. Okamura offers proposals that create spaces accommodating of each individual’s characteristics and circumstances to maximize their capabilities.

Creating Public Environments
Okamura provides fixtures and other products that create optimal environments for a broad range of educational facilities and public spaces, including classrooms, libraries, theaters, museums and stadiums.

Pursuing Functionality and Comfort
The conditions in which medical and elderly care institutions operate are constantly changing due to such factors as ongoing IT development, revisions to the medical system and the need for disaster- and malpractice-related risk management.

Creating environments that help build knowledge
Various facilities, ranging from universities, hospitals and publicly owned laboratories to corporate R&D facilities, are where the advance of knowledge takes place. Aiming to realize laboratory facilities with high intellectual productivity, Okamura supports clients’ space creation in research facilities ranging from laboratories to research offices as well as the communication areas connecting them.

Protecting Valuable Assets and Ensuring Safety
Okamura offers an abundant product lineup that includes various types of protectors, entry and exit monitoring systems, document and personal property management systems, surveillance camera systems, and water and tide protection systems for the protection against flood disaster. Through these products, we provide safety and security in every type of environment, particularly financial institutions, office buildings and commercial, medical and nuclear facilities.

Integrating Office and Information Systems
Upgrading office environments that utilize information and communication technology (ICT) is an important element in the creation of workplaces where knowledge is shared and creativity is heightened. Okamura is promoting the evolution of the office by designing spaces that facilitate personal interaction and the exchange of information.

Achieving Flexibility in Design and Function
The Company offers products to meet the needs of an array of various scenes, such as partitions that are essential to maintaining both communication and privacy in office environments, sliding walls for hotels and halls, and restroom booths.

Home Learning and Work Environments
Utilizing its extensive product development know-how, Okamura creates safe and reliable study furniture. In addition, Okamura continues to offer numerous interior products for all ages by conducting R&D into residential work styles, which encompasses diversified SOHO worker environment upgrading.

Providing Total Support for Creating Retail spaces
Retailers are constantly setting up new stores to keep pace with changes in the social environment and marketplace. Okamura provides total support for creating retail spaces, from proposals to designs that reflect changes in the operating environment surrounding retailers. Meeting various customer needs, our product lineup covers a broad range of categories from sales floors to backyards and distribution systems, including store displays, refrigerator showcases, and a variety of specialized displays.

Making Handling Safer, Faster and More Efficient
While continuing to streamline logistics, Okamura is constantly researching, developing and providing new material handling systems through the communication with actual users. Okamura’s material handling systems realize safer, faster, easier and more precise operations. Okamura provides total support, from consultation on how to upgrade systems that create added merit to software development, equipment installation, operational support and after-service.

Flow rate converters boast excellent workability in various industries, including industrial vehicles.